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              电话:(+86)0551 62271370 / 62962268

              传真:(+86)0551 62271359







              We respect talents

               Everyone want to get respect from othersand hope their value can be recognized .

               Hefei AAM affirm a person’s value as long as he creates value for customerthat’s the core of  Hefei AAM’s management. Talents need to get enterprise’s respect. because we know talents’ hardly growth history and great ambition. We respect knowledge and the person who create wealth for enterprise, country and society by his knowledge. Wetreasure talents and pay more attention to create an environment that talents can show their brilliance and give full play to their potential.




              We cultivate talents

                        We can provide a favorable platform for the growth of talents. We also give opportunity to excellent staff to show their brilliance. To let talents grow up quickly in a brilliant career is our beautiful vision.But what is more importantwe have the biggest wealth of Hefei AAMthe enterprise’s culture which created by the group with core of chairman. These wealth make us young forever and give us strength to go up.




              We create talents

                        How to improve self qualities continuously and be a talent forever? We must have our ideas and goals. We will be shaken in the process of self-challenge without a firm aim. Every  person in Hefei AAM have their own ideals which is combined with the ideal of Hefei AAM——creating world-famous-brand. There is no best only better. Our great team will be greater by your joining. We look forward to your attentionHefei AAM look forward to your joining.

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