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      • 人才招聘


        电话:(+86)0551 62271370 / 62962268

        传真:(+86)0551 62271359




          ● 公司坚持人力资本保值增值来源于各岗位、各层级员工素质和技能的全面提升,通过不断的努力,搭建起科学有效的全员培训体系,建立了一支内部讲师为主、外部专家为辅的培训师队伍。
          ● 目前公司正在推进技工培训基地的建设。通过外籍、知名专家讲座及各项专题培训等方式,不断加强对一线人员、技术研发人员、管理干部、国际化人才队伍的培养与建设。在全公司范围内创造一种全员学习、团体学习、终身学习的良好氛围,以实现企业和员工的持续协调发展。

        Employee training

        We insist on hedging and increasing company’s capital value from improving of all posts and all levels of staff’s quality and skill, we have built a scientific and effective staff training system through continuous efforts, and have established a training team based on internal lecturer, and supplemented by external experts.

        Currently we are promoting construction of technical workers training base. Through hold lectures and other special training by foreign, famous experts, continually to enhance cultivating and construction for frontline staff, technical research staff, development staff, management staff, and internationalization of talent. By creating an atmosphere of full learning, group learning, lifelong learning in the company to achieve development sustainably enterprises and employees.





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